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Manifolds for sanitary installations with locking screw

Moving from a forged, nickel-plated brass body, I can produce manifolds for sanitary installations.

The range available on the GNALI BOCIA catalogues include the series of manifolds for sanitary installations equipped with a shut-off valve located on each output. The presence of this device makes it possible to lock every single user with a view to facilitating possible maintenance operations.
The variety of manifolds for sanitary installations depends in the first place on the number of available branches, which range from two to four, thereby enabling us to obtain the number best suited to our purposes simply by connecting them with one another in a series.
What is further significant, in the choice of manifolds for sanitary installations, is the centre to centre distance between threaded branches; if the choice falls on the 35mm one, preference will be given to compactness, hence the space occupied, but at the same time the assembling difficulties will be increased given the narrow space. On the other hand, where we are faced with no problems, we may choose the 40mm centre to centre distance.
The material chosen for the realization of manifolds for sanitary installations is a CW617N forged brass alloy, plated with nickel before mechanical processing, in order to ensure a long life to the manufactured article. The shut-off valve, too, is realized with the same brass alloy.


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