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Manifolds for sanitary facilities: which model should I choose?

Manifolds for sanitary facilities in different models, with or without faucet, yellow or chrome-plated, with the most suitable wheelbase.

The manifolds for sanitary facilities we come across in the GNALI BOCIA catalogue may be made in different ways, but mainly speaking we should consider two construction types, the one with an adjustment valve on each output and the simple linear type.
With the former, we may use the faucet installed on the manifolds for sanitary facilities as a shut-off valve facilitating the maintenance or closure of a single user, which is quite useful to avoid leaving an entire house without water when problems arise.
Instead, the version manifolds for sanitary facilities of a linear time lacks this option, but has the advantage of greater compactness and less load losses.
From an executing viewpoint, too, we have different solutions: in the former instance, we have the brass body protected by a chrome plating that facilitates its resistance to corrosion occasioned by environmental factors, besides improving the aesthetic appearance. In the latter instance, instead, manifolds for sanitary facilities are made in raw brass.
Another possible variant, too, is the wheelbase, ranging from 35 to 40 to ensure compactness in installations.


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