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Let's not forget the air relief valve in our installations

Air relief valve combined with the automatic check valve for easy maintenance

Let's not forget the air vent valve in our systems

The air vent valve is combined with the automatic check valve for easy maintenance

The noise of the systems can be a non-negligible problem inside homes. This phenomenon is mainly due to the presence of air bubbles which, circulating together with the heat transfer fluid characteristic of the system considered, generate a series of more or less serious problems. The main problems are:
- Noise: as mentioned, it is a significant factor in homes.
- Cavitation: central problem in fluid vehicle systems.
- Corrosion: aesthetic but, above all, structural problem that can lead to failure of the system.

It is therefore essential to find an effective solution to these problems.
For a long time it has been identified in the installation of a fundamental component and with a not too complex operation: the air vent valves. These devices, which from the first manual models have evolved to a degree of complete automation, allow the elimination of the air present inside the pipes, preventing the problems mentioned above.

Positioning and adjustments for the air vent valves

The air vent valves are generally placed in the highest areas of the system, so as to be able to maximize the effectiveness of these devices. In fact, they must be placed in calm areas, where the micro-bubbles of air can concentrate and separate from the fluid that carries them.
The use of these components is not the only adjustment that allows us to reduce the problems that air bubbles can generate in the system:
- Being careful in filling the system: a point that seems trivial but prevention is in these cases the best way to avoid problems already at the beginning.
- Use of deaerators: preventive devices that allow, even in this case, to prevent the problem at the root.
- Attention in the design: avoiding pipes with counter slopes and accumulation areas can help not to create problems and damage to the system.

The use of the automatic check valve

The check valves are complementary elements to the air vent valves because they allow their replacement and maintenance effectively and with a minimum loss of the fluid carried by the system. In addition, they also have an important function in terms of safety, blocking the system if anomalies occur in the operation of the system.
The check valves in the Gnali Bocia catalog are composed of:
- Gasket: made of "anti-sticking" synthetic rubber
- A guide rod: made of brass.
- A ferrule: also made of brass.

These components constitute a patented "anti-drip" system that has been designed in such a way as to allow the intervention of the safety device only in the event of strong expansion of the fluid present inside the pipes, avoiding unpleasant dripping and malfunctions.


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