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Air vent valves even for boilers

Automatic air vent valves for removing the gases that accumulate in systems and which can block them

Air vent valves should even be fitted on boilers to make them reach top levels of efficiency while working, because an irregular accumulation of gases (which are released because of fluid heating) can block the whole system. To prevent this inconvenience, fit one of the automatic air vent valves sold by GNALI BOCIA through its sales network.
The catalogue presents different models of air vent valves, all automatic, which can free your systems from this disturbing, yet unfortunately inevitable, phenomenon in a completely independent manner without having to request periodic intervention.
Technology, modern machines and miniaturisation make it possible to produce air vent valves that can be fitted directly to radiators in place of the classic manual valves.
The investment made, even if it can be costly, guarantees savings over the years because these types of valve always keep your home heating system effective.
Each valve is tested and guaranteed by our laboratories, and is produced in a branch with ISO9001 certification.


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