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Water manifolds with stopcocks

Modular water manifolds made starting from unrefined cw617n brass, and machined using CNC centres

The section in our catalogue dedicated to water manifolds gives information on different models, each one suitable for satisfying installation and market requirements. The unrefined forged CW617N brass is processed on special numeric control machines to produce articles with from 2 to 4 threaded offtakes. This makes it possible to combine these pieces until the necessary number of offtakes is obtained.
In particular, we have water manifolds that are equipped with a stopcock and adjustment tap on each offtake, meaning that each single branch of the manifold can be closed. These taps can replace the handles, which can be covered with 5 different colours. As an optional accessory, they can be supplied with pertinent identification labels.
The distance between the centres of these water manifolds begins from a minimum of 35 mm, a measurement that makes it possible to reduce bulk and produce distribution boxes that can be more easily concealed to prevent ruining the environmental aesthetics.


See also
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02/04/2015 Utilization of the nickel-plated brass manifolds with stopcock Nickel-plated brass manifolds, characterized by low footprint, which might be installed onto the wall.

02/01/2016 We order hobs with gas taps Cone seat gas taps for perfectly adjusting the flow of gas to the burners.

02/04/2016 Robust, modular, compact brass manifolds Brass manifolds with a narrow wheelbase for the sake of compact installations and optimization of spaces

02/08/2015 Modularity in brass manifolds' creations The brass manifolds make the designer's work easy, with or without exit intercepting-tap.

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