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The various types of taps for gas produced

The designing, testing and sale of Gnali Bocia gas taps

Over time Gnali Bocia has been able to collect experience in design and on the field in order to create many components for gas and fluids. Gas taps stand out amongst these. They are marketed all over Italy in addition to many other countries.
The sales catalogue includes many types of gas taps: needle taps, cylinder taps and taps for cartridge appliances. There are also so many types of liquid transporting taps. The valves of the gas taps can be turned off manually and so there is no need for electronic controls.
Gas taps must prevent first of all the emission of any substance that is harmful, toxic or dangerous to man. To this purpose, Gnali Bocia is able to design and test all its components being aware of all their physical limits, including those of the gas taps.
Once the test results prove to be positive, the gas taps are sent to the quality certification department: this is done so that the products can be guaranteed to the clients by means of a certificate of product conformity based on the observation off all the current regulations concerning the worker and  workplace safety.
The certification standard used is ISE  9001 , one of the most restrictive in this field. This testifies how much Gnali Bocia is constantly committed to offering products of an increasingly higher quality to all its clients, opening the door to new and supportive collaborations with future clients.


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