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Many lpg systems use gastaps

It is necessary to have systems that use adequate lpg gastaps tp control the fuel load.

In a society interested in the safety of  people and operators that work in close contact with  unfavourable conditions, an extra possibility to guarantee higher levels of protection is given by gastaps. These components are developed in the Research and Development sector of Gnali Bocia, after which they are tested and produced by the same firm. The next step is entrusting the product to the sales network that deals with supplying big sales centres worldwide.
Gastaps are made of Brass, a Copper Zinc alloy much used in the hydraulic sector, not only for the production of taps but for connectors in general, for high and low pressure regulators, for safety accessories like valves etc. Gastaps utilize Brass for the variety of properties it holds: from a good mechanic resistance to corrosion resistance in difficult environments. Using “good materials” for the production of hydraulic fittings like gastaps is not sufficient guarantee for the customer, continuously needing more reliable components: for this, specific standards are used to give a stronger guarantee.
In order to satisfy the many requirements from clients, Gnali Bocia design and market a variety of taps such as Needle, Cone-shaped, for tanks, for cartridge systems and taps for welders with burners.   


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