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The installation maintenance and the boiler safety valve

Limiting the limy deposits improves the boiler safety valve's life, as well as the one of the system.

In a heating system with thermic generator, or in any kind of close-circuit installation, a device that guarantees the safety of people as well as the one of the system itself, is certainly the boiler safety valve.
Prime quality materials such as the CW617N brass and the anti-sticking rubber, render the boiler safety valve reliable over time, but not entirely immune to problems that may arise due to the system’s age.
Indeed the deposits and encrustation that may occur over the internal surfaces of the tubes, by disjoining, could begin to move around the circuit and even reach the boiler safety valve, thus depositing onto the tightness-surfaces and undermine functionality.
Therefore, for the correct action of a boiler safety valve, construction (and, thus, the device’s reliability) isn’t the only requisite; but so is the system’s maintenance itself.
In this case, beyond a periodical cleaning, it is also useful to add a specific additive in order to limit the increase of limy deposits, which are the source of this type of problems.



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