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Heating collectors and principles of use

A combination of several heating collectors allows assemble a system of hydraulic management for residential areas

The evolution of hydraulic plant design provided for more and more marked reduction in the use of ground systems controlled by a set of  heating collectors, to the detriment of the old systems in which there were radiators made of aluminum, cast iron and fan-jet air, bulky, noisy and uneconomical, especially in institutions where it was necessary to heat rooms for a continuous period of considerable length.
Gnali Bocia, in the wake of the market for thermal plants in continuous development, has been dedicated to the design, maintenance and installation of heating systems of these types.
The management of heat flows, flow rates and temperatures in the game are the most important parameters for these applications that are observed by compound systems formed by heating collectors and other components.
Heating collectors comprise a rigid pipe generally made of brass and a set of outputs from which they advance tubes that carry water along the whole stretch of interest.
Generally, as regards the housing, each floor that uses these heating systems is constituted by a management system formed by at least a pair of  heating collectors: one for the flow coming from the boiler and reaching this component via the pumps, while the other concerns the output that collects the flow of "cold" and brings it back into the boiler where it is set to the operating temperature.


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