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Pure copper electric resistances

Top quality Italian pure copper and brass are used to produce our electric resistances.

With power that reaches 3000 W, the electric resistances produced completely in GNALI BOCIA’s Lumezzane factory are versatile, multi-purpose items.
The parts that make up the electric resistances are made from prime choice brass and copper that come from a certified supply branch, to give our clients the best safety in terms of hygiene and health.
The starting point is the cap, which is mainly of three types: the G 1-1/4 threaded model, the 48 mm flanged model and the aniston version, which covers a particular section of the white goods market.
The true heart of electric resistances, however, is the heating part, a copper pipe made of almost 100% pure copper to prevent corrosion caused by alloy elements. This pipe is filled by an electric resistance, the part that truly generates the heat for warming the fluid.
Our electric resistances are generally powered by a 220 volt alternate current network voltage, but a 110 volt version is also available.


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