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Precautions when assembling flexible water hoses

Flexible water hoses are produced in accordance with the uni cig 7129 standard that does not include a plastic sheath

The version that answers the UNI CIG 7129 standard includes flexible water hoses made from corrugated stainless steel that do not require the protective layer of plastic material. These hoses have fittings that make them easy to mount by placing a sealing gasket between them.
In the same manner as for the gas version, even installing flexible water hoses has limits that must be respected during the installation phases, and they mostly refer to the maximum length that the metal can be lengthened to.
This product is supplied with compressed turns and can be lengthened until double its length, but in spite of this it is always advisable not to work with the hose extended to its maximum limit.
While assembling the flexible water hoses, the hose can be bent at a distance of at least 50 mm from the unions, no closer. The minimum bending radius must also not fall below 3 times the diameter of the hose. This limits ageing. Make sure that the sealing surfaces, the gaskets and the union threads are clean and do not present evident faults or wear.


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