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Brass fittings for water CW 617 N

Fittings for water made in business establishments of Lumezzane with numerically controlled technology

The process of construction of the fittings for water starts from the processing of the brass bar, that is cut into pieces of suitable size which then pass to the hot molding phase or commonly defined forging, which creates the initial semi-finished product. The material is brass of the two classes CW 617 N or CW 614 N which combines an optimal resistance to stress corrosion with a good workability in compliance with the chemical and hygienic characteristics required by the various standards and rules.
The fittings for water can come into contact with drinking water and therefore must have optimal alimentary compatibility. In some states even the electrolytic coverage of the surface is required and this allows a greater compatibility for fittings for water. This cover can be a chemical nickel plating or a chrome plating.
The manufacture of fittings for water is then completed on numerical control transfer machines that realize accurately the final shape of the fitting.


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