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Heating the swimming pool, too, with electrical resistance heater groups

Exchangers in the primary circuit that make use of electrical resistance heater groups in order to heat up the water and insert it back into the tank.

During the summer period, many of you have the privilege of a nice swimming pool in the garden for enjoying the sun and a suntan. Not everybody, however, loves diving into a pool of water that is not exactly set at an optimal temperature, especially at the start of the season when the biting air and the lukewarm sun do not facilitate the heating of the water. There are systems that, linked to the primary circuit of water recirculation, make use of electrical resistance heater groups in order to heat it up and insert it back into the tank.
Our electrical resistance heater groups perfectly adapt to this type of use as well. The large variety of available models may in fact be useful for this type of application. Being a direct producer of these items, specialized in working on brass, GNALI BOCIA may easily realize customized items for the most demanding manufacturers.
The company production system abides by the rules laid down by the ISO 9001 standard that ensure precision and repeatability of results. This enables the marketing of safe electrical resistance heater groups for users escorted by a declaration of EC compliance.


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