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Electrical resistances used for pressure boilers

Water heating systems like pressure boilers use electrical resistances to bring the temperature to running capacity

The process of heating  water and its transport to the user characterizes the problem  which  Gnali Bocia has invested time to improve.The technology regarding boilers,pressured or free, that allows the heating of water from room temperature to running capacity and  that allows  that temperature to be maintained is reserved to the electrical resistance.The temperatures at which electrical resistances have to operate for private use,are rather limited  as  domestic use  requirements are not high. One of the problematic aspects that link electrical resistances is the possibility of corrosion due to particularly hard water or the presence of chlorides.This can be remedied introducing specific magnesium anodes.
A phase that requires attention is the period in which the electrical resistances have to  bring the temperature to running capacity:in  there can be problems of elevated noise as in minimum time possible it is necessary  to bring the temperature in optimum conditions.It is useful therefore to use electrical resistances with surface loads with a maximum of 9W/cm2.
 Each electrical resistance has its technical chart on the inside which contains all the functional details and the regulations they must respect.


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