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Water manifolds for the home

The water manifolds serve to supply water throughout the house, in turn improving hot and cold water management.

The construction of water systems inside homes represents a very important aspect since, in the presence of errors or malfunctions, more or less significant inconveniences can be created. In particular, two types of systems can be found:
- Collector water systems;
- The water supply systems.
The main advantage given by the use of collectors for water is that, since all the pipes are parallel to each other and without derivations or T-junctions, they have better performances guaranteeing lower pressure drops and greater ease in maintenance and replacement of damaged parts. In particular, the absence of joints is the real strength of this type of system. Conversely, if we analyze the main disadvantages, we cannot certainly neglect the cost, which is much higher if we make a comparison with that of a water supply system. Appare però evidente come, diminuendo il costo per eventuali interventi di manutenzione, the financial statements may also be favorable from an economic point of view.

The collector models for water

Considering all these aspects, it is possible to note that a correct collector design is an important starting point for operating the system and making it last over time. On the market, there are various models of collectors that can be used inside homes and the differences are mainly due to:
1. Possibility of assembly and disassembly: in fact, there are models both pre-assembled and to be assembled on site;
2. Number of outputs: the number may vary depending on the size of the system;
3. Positioning of the taps: they can all be coplanar or not;
4. The material of realization;

Fundamental aspects of water collectors

The correct construction of the water collectors also derives from the quality of the connection with the main water network and with the outgoing pipes: it is, in fact, essential that the threads guarantee a perfect seal, avoiding spills or other problems. As regards, however, the management of the speed of the fluid conveyed, it depends on the geometry of the sections: as the diameter decreases, for the same volume flow rate, the speed of the fluid increases.
Furthermore, the assembly must also be carried out in a special way so that the advantages that a collector system brings can be fully exploited:
- The collector must be in an easily accessible area to ensure easy maintenance, if necessary;
- The collector must be isolated from the surrounding environment by means of a protective box, usually made of polymeric material, which has a protective function for the collector. In fact, if it were not present, it could cause an interaction between the walls and the brass, causing corrosion problems that damage the component.


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