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Water manifolds for the home

The water manifolds serve to supply water throughout the house, in turn improving hot and cold water management.

For many years now, Gnali Bocia has manufactured and sold multi way manifolds.  It is important that the water management distribution is assigned to the correct multi way system.  The speed at which the water flows through the outlet pipelines depends on the size of the pipes:  with outlet pipelines of a smaller diameter the speed increases.   
It is important that the male and female connections between the manifolds and the outlet pipes have a thread that allows for correct installation without the risk of leaks, which could then affect other systems such as electrical circuits (it is possible, but not within the immediate vicinity, that the general site is fitted with a system controlling current flow to the auxiliary systems.
To counter this, it is necessary to machine with the utmost accuracy the internal and external threads of the manifolds and the pipes: a seal can also be added that will make the system in question watertight.
Gnali Bocia distributes, through its sales network, 2 or 4 way manifolds:  which on the one hand gives an advantage in terms of water distribution, but on the other hand it increases the leaks which in turn depends on the length and sections of the pipes.


See also
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