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FL289 the series of hoses for water

The hoses for water in stainless steel in order to ensure maximum hygiene for the installations.

The FL289 series of products comprises all the available measures as regards hoses for water. Realized in stainless steel, they can be extended up to double their initial length, in order to be adapted to any installation situation.
The threads on the ends, one male and the other female, are realized in accordance with the ISO 7 standard, are cylindrical in nature and their dimensions range from 1/2” to 1” gas.  As we previously stated, hoses for water are realized in stainless steel, by means of TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding with controlled (inert) atmosphere; the junctions with male threads realized in the same material are connected to them, in such a manner that water always flows in contact with hygienically inert metal. The lengths available in the catalogue range from 100 mm until 400mm in full stretch.
The reference legislation as regards these hoses for water is once more the UNI-CIG 7129 standard which has remained in force only in respect of the transport of liquids, given that in respect of gaseous fluids it has been replaced by the EN 14800 standard that enjoins upon these flexible components a fixed length and a protective sheath.
Contrary to those for gaseous fuels, hoses for water do not necessarily have to be covered by a plastic sheath, inasmuch as their protection from crashes and corrosion is not such a critical aspect. The marking of every article always records the name of the manufacturer and the reference rule.


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