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Design of gas flow regulation valves.

Gas flow regulation valves are components with features aimed at guaranteeing extremely high safety standards.

Success stemming from an idea. This is Gnali Bocia’s enterprising spirit which has brought it over two generations to the design and marketing of gas regulation valves.
All the types are controlled and guaranteed by certificates obtained thanks to years of experience and enterprise, which qualify the gas control valves according to the ISO 9001 standard.
The detailed catalogue of different types of valves suitable for the flow of gas includes many categories: safety valves for high pressure reducers, safety valves for control units and shut-off valves to be reset manually for gas fuels and oxygen.
The manufacturing requirements set by Gnali Bocia ensure the use of top-quality metals and plastics, and the acquisition over time of modern methods in the field of the design of valves for various purposes but always used for the control of gas flow. The stress the valves are subjected to under specific circumstances requires a strict control of the production processes with the aim of eliminating any possible design defect and guaranteeing minimum leaking over time by improving the production techniques. All the information relating to the sale of all types of gas valves can be found on the Gnali Bocia website in order to met all your requests.


See also
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30/07/2016 Safety valves for the thermocouples in our catalogue. Safety valves made to satisfy the UNI EN 125 standard, a European harmonised standard that makes it possible to receive CE marking.

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30/03/2016 In the event of an emergency, the shut-off valve comes into operation Shut-off valves and security valves prevent damages to the thermic system.

30/12/2016 Gas safety valves with thermocouple, even for pilot lights A wide range of gas safety valves is available that can even manage the pilot light for total safety

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