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Brass fittings for hydraulic use

Brass fittings are used in almost all types of fittings for hydraulic use, as the metal has excellent properties well suited for this type of use

Brass has always been considered as a metal with excellent strength properties, and is therefore widely used in the plumbing sectors. Gnali Bocia has always used this metal in designing a wide range of fittings. Some of the fittings are listed below, with explanations and uses.
Nipples: these are brass connections with a double male-male outlet; they are also available with nickel coating.
Round and reduced extensions: these are brass fittings for hydraulic and pneumatic applications with a maximum temperature resistance of 130° C.
Female and male plugs, also for hydraulic or pneumatic applications, are available with nickel surface treatments and various threading types.
Tees: this type is sold in CW614N brass and, as for some other product models, it is available with various types of internal threading.
Barrel nipple: these connections are very similar to nipples, in the sense that they have the same double male-male outlet. The difference lies in the external diameter of the brass fitting, which is the same along the entire length of the component.
Sleeves: these are very similar to barrel nipples; the only difference is that they have a double female-female inlet, the opposite of the former.
Elbows: a complete set of elbows with various features including several different measurements, male and female outlets, and various fitting radii, thus able to meet the customer’s every need.


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