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Brass fittings and their sealing

In order to seal joints with brass fittings, it is necessary to choose the right sealing material that is compatible with the system fluid.

Manufactured in CW617N suited to be in contact with drinking water and with gases, in the GNALI BOCIA catalogues we find a wide range of brass fittings, suitable for any type of manufacture or installation. Threaded in accordance with the gas standard, they are extremely versatile.
For a tight sealing of installations, however, these brass fitting need to be used together with sealing materials to be distributed over the threads in such a manner as to ensure their sealing. In this connection, it is important to specify that the choice of fitting sealant may not be made lightly.
We must in fact pay regard to the fact that the sealing material must be simultaneously compatible with two materials, a fixed one, namely, that of the brass fittings, and a variable one, namely, the fluid running through the installation itself.
Sealants exist in various forms: we may talk of tapes in such material as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), to be wound on the thread, or of liquid or semi-liquid pastes to be deployed on the thread of the brass fittings, which, once polymerized, ensure their tight sealing. A uniform distribution no doubt improves their tightness and duration.


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