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A variety of gas valves

Gas valves include a wide range of equipment for volatile fluids

The gas taps are a highly developed product by Gnali Bocia. In fact, within the catalog you can find different categories of products which in turn branch into various types. They are distinguished by characteristics and dimensions, so that they can meet customer needs and a wide range of applications.

•     Needle taps: the valve body consists of an adjustable pin that allows you to change the gas flow rate. Furthermore, it is possible to tighten this pin in order to avoid the risk of alterations in the settings due to impacts or external interventions. In the catalog there are various types of needle taps that differ in the number of ways (one, two or three) and the type of inlet which can have an F or M thread, a ring nut or the connection of a hose connector for LPG or methane.

•     Conical taps: the shape of the connection changes the flow of gas at the outlet. In fact, since the flow rate is constant, which can be defined as the product between the gas speed and the channel section, as the section decreases there is an increase in speed and, therefore, an acceleration at the exit. Typical applications involving this type of tap are cookers, industrial kitchens and multigas cookers.

•     Cylinder taps: as the name implies, they are intended for pressure tanks containing gas and, for this reason, it may be necessary to equip them with integrated safety valves to avoid problems of leaks and sudden changes in pressure which can cause serious damage. Various types of cylinder taps are available in the catalog depending on the size and type of inlets, but also for the presence of the integrated safety valve. In addition, there are also elements such as washers, valves and handles that can be integrated on the standard types of tap.

•     Taps for cartridge devices: there are perforation taps in addition to bolts and nuts for assembly. One of the available types features the Bunsen burner, a device that allows the continuous flow of gas without the risk of a backfire in the duct and ensures greater safety.

•     Welder taps with burner: also in this case the name is explanatory of the function performed by this category of components. They constitute the outlet nozzle for the gas needed in welding operations and, therefore, must withstand high temperatures due to the process, as well as possible chemical attacks due to splashes and developed gases. The types present differ essentially in the type of attachment: drilling, camping, 7/16 ", 1" -20 UNEF. Also in this case safety must be guaranteed already in the design phase to avoid more or less serious accidents for the operator.

•     Ball valves: they are the most common and used category of flow shut-off devices. The operating principle is simple: a spherical obturator with a cylindrical cavity can rotate 90 ° and if it is arranged coaxially with the flow, it allows it to pass, otherwise it blocks it. In addition to opening and closing, it allows effective flow regulation based on the needs of connected users.

•       Three-way ramps: allow the simultaneous refueling of multiple areas affected by the use of gas.

•     Shut-off valves: in the catalog there is a type of fitting with two outlets for cylinders with two shut-off valves. It is possible to regulate the flow towards one or the other outlet quickly and independently.



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