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Gas taps with pin or conical closure

To regulate the flow in gas taps with pin closure is also possible at high fuel pressures

There are two types of closure in the various models of gas taps one is the tap with a pin lock while the other type is the one with a conical closure. Both are based on a type of metal-on-metal seal of a conical type, in the first case with more contained dimensions and conical more pronounced than the latter.
Gas taps with a pin closure are more suitable where the working pressures are higher and therefore a greater contact force is required, the regulation as well as in the other case is carried out by generating a loss of load between the shaft and the seat. noticeable if the pressure involved is significant.
With this type of control we find gas taps suitable for all market needs, in fact, considering that the input is generally of a threaded type, which allows a stable fixation, the outlet can also present a thread both male and female, but also a hose holder suitable to fit flexible gas pipes of the most suitable size.
Gas taps with conical closure are mainly used in the control of gas cookers where the pressures involved are lower.


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