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april 2011

Using safety valves equipped with thermocouple

Safety valves for intercepting gas if the flame dies.

Until now we have always spoken of safety valves referring to heating systems, in other words the device that makes it possible to discharge the excess pressure when the heat generator goes out of control, protecting the integrity of the system itself.
There is also another type of safety valve however, which is extremely important for protection, and it is applied to gas systems. This mechanism is controlled by the thermocouples which we usually see immersed in the naked flame of boilers, and which keep the circuit open.
When the heat of the flame is no longer present, the safety valve interrupts the supply circuit, preventing leaks that can saturate the environment and create an explosive environment. This valve operates in a similar manner to the gas taps for domestic kitchens that we all use daily.
Each safety valve is produced and certified according to the DVGW standards, which are among the strictest in Europe, and as they also respect the indications of harmonised directive EN 125, they can be sold with a CE declaration of conformity.


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