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The safety valves designed and produced according to PED guidelines

Structures protected from overpressures through the use of safety valves, manufactured by GNALI BOCIA

All of the safety valves produced in our factories are released only if in compliance with the PED (97/23/CE) guidelines criteria, issued by the European community and that regulate the designing and construction of pressure devices.
The regulation implies for the safety valves to be tested after the designing phase, to check if they’re meeting their requisites and, most importantly, to verify if the industrial quality system is certified in order to guarantee the perfect creation of devices over time (In the case of GNALI BOCIA, this is done by the ANFOR agency).
The safety valves are devices act at guaranteeing the safety of people and both domestic and industrial plants. They’re the ultimate mean of protection for overpressure that might arise where there’s a boiler or a fluid-heating device.
There are two ranges of safety valves; the specific ones for heaters, to be directly connected to the conduct of entry and of air release, which have a chrome finish and can, in some cases, even be equipped with an unloading lever; and the ones for plants equipped with boiler, which are installed with an apposite derivation.



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30/09/2015 The installation maintenance and the boiler safety valve Limiting the limy deposits improves the boiler safety valve's life, as well as the one of the system.

30/05/2017 Boiler safety valves do not always leak because they are faulty There are other, more important things that can cause a boiler safety valve to drip without blaming the product

30/09/2016 Safety valve for boiler approved in accordance with the PED directive Safety valve for boiler made in brass on numerical control machines at the Lumezzane plants

30/12/2018 High automation for installing the safety valves Modern systems for the assembly of safety valves in the Lumezzane plants.

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