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Using GNALI BOCIA S.r.l.'s mini manifolds for cylinder connection

Mini manifolds for connecting more than one cylinder to domestic gas systems.

The extensive GNALI BOCIA S.r.l. online brochure offers a complete range of mini manifolds complying with the design and installation requirements of Italian standards.
The use of devices in domestic LPG distribution systems is regulated by the UNI 7131 standard. The mini manifolds are essential elements in these systems as they guarantee secure connection of the fuel cylinders to the domestic distribution network.
When choosing the mini manifolds, the first parameter to consider is the flow rate required by the user devices in order to select single or double-stage pressure reduction. Although these are no different in terms of efficiency and accuracy, the double-stage solution keeps the drop in pressure to a minimum. The outlet is always connected to a reducer (either screwed or rolled and also produced by us) that ensures accurate pressure adjustment.
Mini manifolds have from one to three connections; connection of four cylinders requires the use of tubular connection manifolds.
Mini manifolds are available in the classic M linear model for dual connection, or in the Y model which is specially configured to save space and enable connection with three tanks. The mini manifolds can be wall mounted by using brackets or directly, onto the manifold block.


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