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Tricks to install water hoses

Let us see some expedients to install corrugated stainless steel water hoses.

When installing kitchens and boilers, the connection of the device to the plumbing and heating distribution system may only be done with water hoses, made of stainless steel and corrugated to enable their extension up to the desired size, or to make them go through a complex path.
Installing water hoses, however, requires the knowledge of some basic rules and some expedients useful under all circumstances for people’s comfort. The pipe, as demanded by the governing rule, may never be stretched more than twice its overall length, failing which a weakening of the walls would ensue.
Water hoses must be positioned in such a way as not to generate any frictions, and to avoid that problem they must be supported through supports reducing their movements.
There is another method, far less scientific but nonetheless useful to reduce any vibrations of water hoses, especially those that connect boilers, i.e., to wrap some rounds of insulating electric tape in the middle of the pipe. Try it out.


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