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Mini control units; UNI 7131 guidelines

The UNI 7131 regulation provides guidelines for the installation and usage of the mini control units for the fuelling of implants with LPG tanks

For the connection of various LGP tanks destined to the fuelling of a utility implant, the UNI 7131 suggests the use of devices such as the mini control units equipped with two or three stopcocks, which allow to switch cisterns without the dispersion of gas into the environment.
The document imposes, in most cases, for the tanks to be positioned outdoors, in locations that can guarantee ventilation during the switching procedures. Given how the fluid is heavier than air, they must also be equipped with openings that can allow downwards evacuation. The mini control units are usually fitted on the exterior walls and protected by walled (or even better, metallic fence) canopies.
During the functioning of the implant, the regulation imposes the entrances to the mini control units not to be left clear but instead, for there always to be a recipient connected through a semi-rigid tube.
The mini control units present on the catalogue are all equipped with a pressure regulator on their exit, which in some cases can be of a two-stage kind.  The installation of a manometer for the monitoring of pressure and, therefore, of the tanks’ autonomy, can complete the device.



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