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Pipe fittings produced by GNALI BOCIA

Pipe fittings made of brass to connect the various components of plants for transporting gas

Pipe fittings made of brass, which are also called generic, can be used to connect the various components of a hydraulic system or any system that transports fluids. Indeed, the difference between these articles lies, as in the case of those produced by GNALI BOCIA, in the processing technology and materials used.
As far as production technology is concerned, we use transfer machines controlled by computerised systems that guarantee precision and repeatability. This guarantees precise seals and constant sizes which, in the case of pipe fittings, lead to extremely high safety levels in particular if used to transport gas.
Even the material used to make our pipe fittings certainly makes the difference. Bars of copper with certified chemical composition and origin are shaped when hot to produce semi-finished products; this process ensures elevated material homogeneity and eliminates material porosity, guaranteeing gastight fittings.


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