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Materials for producing air release valves

Air release valves for separating dissolved gas from the fluid in heating systems

We use the best materials available on the market to make our air release valves, starting from the body made of CW617N that is hot-forged and then processed on computerised numeric control transfer machines that guarantee constant process repeatability. This brass has the perfect combination of resistance and workability. After being processed, the body can be chrome- or nickel-plated to improve its resistance to corrosion.
Even the other metal parts of the air release valves are made from the same material. The internal mobile parts are, instead, made from polypropylene, a polymer with a consolidated formula that acts as a float for separating the air that is typical of the device. The surface of this plastic has a reduced propensity to maintain heat.
The caps of the air release valves are made of acetal resin, an engineering plastic that is easy to work, but above all with an extremely high level of mechanical resistance. The various elements are sealed by gaskets of NBR, a rubber that resists the action of the minerals that usually dissolve in the water.


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