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Life cycle of reducers for water

Reducers for water that are processed and tested in the Lumezzane factory, starting from the certified raw materials

All the reducers for both water and gas made in our factory are sold to clients with a calibration and compliance certificate, after they pass bench inspections and calibration.
The life cycle of these products begins from their cataloguing and the study of the most suitable process for their production. This is made easier by the in-house management of quality according to ISO 9001. On this basis, the production process used for the reducers for water is followed step by step, starting from material supply, then hot forging, then mechanical processing and ending with assembly.
All the reducers for water are bench tested and set at a nominal value that is the best for operation. This guarantees that the device remains operational and reliable whenever it is working.
Storage and subsequent delivery are carried out by our specialist staff, who pay attention to the client’s needs, and everything is coordinated by the logistics section of the Lumezzane factory.


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