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Gnali Bocia's range of products for thermal and hydraulic applications

Gnali Bocia range of products for thermal and hydraulic applications: extreme safety, high quality and protection of the environment

Among the products for thermal and hydraulic applications designed and manufactured by Gnali Bocia include a wide range of items for both incompressible fluids (such as water and fluids with a high convective heat transfer coefficients) and compressible fluids (such as LPG, natural gas and others).
This category covers various devices and components including: general multi-use fittings, high and low pressure regulators, mini control units, tubular control units and M models, taps, shut off and relief devices used to protect the safety of the operators, pressure gauges, manifolds with a variable number of outlets, fuel shut off valves, fittings for multilayer pipes and hoses made from stainless steel and polymers.
These products for thermal and hydraulic applications only constitute a small part of the Gnali Bocia range of products: a complete description is available on the company’s website.
Gnali Bocia sells its products for thermal and hydraulic applications to businesses located all over the world as well as self-employed professionals such as plumbers and electricians who require high quality products compliant with the current standards on safety and protection of the environment. In reference to laws, Gnali Bocia focuses particularly on safety and compliance with the national and international laws and standards so as to present clients with highly efficient and reliable products.


See also
09/02/2014 The range of thermal hydraulic products made by Gnali Bocia The products for thermal hydraulics are designed, tested and marketed by Gnali Bocia both in Italy and worldwide.

09/07/2014 Tradition and innovation in thermal-hydraulic products Gnali Bocia combines tradition with innovation in the realization of thermal-hydraulic products.

09/03/2014 Laws and standards for safety valves Respecting the legal requirements for safety valve is essential in order to ensure safety of operators and protect the environment.

09/01/2014 Gnali Bocia Hydraulic fittings are exported worldwide The hydraulic fittings are sold all over the world and Gnali Bocia manages the entire sales process, guaranteeing maximum quality and respect of standards and regulations

09/06/2013 Hydraulic valves marketed by Gnali Bocia Specific variants of hydraulic valves were designed for both fluids, like water, and gas, like lpg

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