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Gas valves with closing command that avoids accidental manoeuvres

Spherical gas valves to apply directly onto the tubes or onto the counter shelves for a perfect closing.

They are often equated in hasty parlance to the taps needed for regulation, but the Gnali Bocia catalogue includes a specific section on gas valves. This juxtaposition, however, is not wrong, since taps, too, are gas valves; we find in fact realizations that are usually needle-shaped so as to allow fine adjustments and thus a correct regulation of the flame. This is especially useful in kitchens, where the likelihood of skipping dinner is inversely proportionate to precision in regulating the flame.
Leaving these digressions aside for a moment, we wish to remind you that the catalogue products comprise a wide range of gas valves, the purpose of which is interception and isolation in the event of malfunction of the plants for the sake of something more important than dinner, as might be represented by people’s safety. Spherical, identified by a yellow control handle, they are employed directly on tubes or combined with counter shelves.
The safety of spherical gas valves is also realized by using devices that do not allow accidental manoeuvres, such as push to turn handles that demand a specific pressure before being rotated.


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