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Flexible metal pipes of our catalogue

Flexible metal pipes Gnali Bocia: the reference standard for the welding of fittings and the protective sheath

For a safe connection of user equipment both to the water supply and to the methane gas, we may use a wide range of flexible metal pipes available in the GNALI BOCIA catalogue. The advantage of their use is the fact of having a continuous wall that ensures a better connection security.
Construction technology, in fact, stipulates that in the flexible metal pipes the fittings at the ends should be welded directly to the pipe; the precision is provided by the TIG welding technique that makes it possible to obtain a clean junction necessitating no subsequent treatments. The construction is regulated by the EN 14800 standard which prescribes, for use with combustible gases, fixed-length flexible pipes.
The same standard also lays down that flexible metal pipes must be protected with a sheath in plastic material that helps preserve the metal from any abrasions, also because any abrasion or damage, including a partial one, will void compliance and makes its replacement compulsory.
The catalogue further includes flexible metal pipes, but in this case they cannot be used for the conveyance of gaseous fuels.


See also
29/02/2018 Stainless steel flexible pipes with plastic protective sheath Stainless steel flexible pipes meet the UNI CIG 9891 standards which provide the external protection in plastic polymer

29/01/2019 Stainless steel flexible hoses for water and gas Stainless steel flexible hoses for gas are covered with a plastic layer to protect them from abrasion

29/03/2015 The UNI-IGC 7129 still allows the use of extendable flexible water pipes. Only flexible water pipes still have the possibility of being stretched, contrary to what happens in the area of gas.

29/10/2018 In rubber or steel but always in any case flexible hoses The material with which the flexible hoses are made changes, but not the purpose of their use

29/03/2016 Materials and labelling of methane gas pipes Labelling repeated on methane gas pipes at regular intervals for the sake of a correct identification.

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