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Boiler safety valves do not always leak because they are faulty

There are other, more important things that can cause a boiler safety valve to drip without blaming the product

Boiler safety valves are devices that protect the heating system by discharging the water, therefore the excess pressure, when it exceeds 3 bar.
At times, though, boiler safety valves can drip insistently, but almost never because of production faults. There are many other possibilities, and we can mention the following from among the main ones.
The system has released flakes of limestone that can, during device operation, position themselves under the gasket and therefore prevent a perfect close; this can only be solved by cleaning the system well.
Another reason for a leaky boiler safety valve is generally tied to excessive cold pressure in the system, the result of an incorrect load manoeuvre that is usually caused by less expert users; it can be verified from the gauge that every boiler is supplied with.
The last, and probably the most serious, reason is tied to incorrect inflation, or even breakage, of the expansion tank and, in this case, replacing it is the only solution for stopping the boiler safety valve from dripping continually.



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