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Different types of brass fittings

The manufacture and sale of brass fittings by Gnali Bocia in Italy and abroad

Gnali Bocia offers a complete catalogue of products including a variety of brass fittings. There are a number of differences between brass fittings for gas and for fluids, consequently the design phase assessments also differ in accordance with the different development requirements of fittings for gas and those for fluids such as water. The fittings known as "female threaded hose nozzles" and "male threaded hose nozzles" are sold in various sizes. There are versions of these fittings for methane, sold in boxes of one hundred units.
There are also two, three and four way hose nozzles on sale, which are able to divert flow into more than one channel, so as to operate simultaneously in different zones.
In a class of their own are the fittings used for hose connectors in GPL installations, which have a slightly different form to those described above.
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc used for these purposes for the valuable characteristics that the combination of these two elements produces: they have excellent machinability, especially if you add lead to the above mentioned die elements. In this manner a ternary brass is obtained. It is often the case with brass fittings that, in addition to lead, other elements are added such as manganese and nickel in order to increase resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress.


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