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Valves for gas meters for management bodies of gas networks

The valves for gas meters with coded key safety lock to reduce unauthorized delinquencies and withdrawals

In gas systems, the main point is the connection of the plant to the distribution network and all have to pass through the gas meter, the main means of consumption accounting. Its assembly is made using a bracket to which the valves for gas meters must be connected, produced by GNALI BOCIA as a natural complement to its line of products for gas.
These valves for gas meters are made with ball lock, a simple but reliable system over time, able to ensure always a perfect closure. This is fundamental for the safety of people. In fact it is useful to install two of these devices one downstream and one upstream of the meter.
In the first case a normal shut-off valve must be installed, made of brass on transfer machines that guarantee precise processing that guarantees perfect seals in all conditions.
But upstream of the gas meter the distribution management bodies require the installation of valves for gas meters equipped with a mechanism which, in the event of termination or delay, allows to block the gas supply. This mechanism with a special key in possession of the manager can be blocked without the possibility of opening. There is also a second key in possession of the user who can close and reopen the mechanism in case of absence from home.


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