Connecting with regulator for 2 cylinder - Series MC2102


Kit for 2 cylinders type Y connecting with regulator and pressure gauge

MC2102.01 LPZ4 rullato manometro
MC2102.01F LPZ4 rullato manometro e flessibili
MC2102.02 LPZ4 viti manometro
MC2102.02F LPZ4 viti manometro e flessibili
MC2102.03 LPZ 7 manometro
MC2302.03F LPZ 7 manometro e flessibili
MC2402.04 LPZ 10 manometro
MC2402.04F LPZ 10 manometro e flessibili

In addition:
F= Flexible hose cm 50
FE=Flexible hose cm 50 Ch 25 / Ch 27

Kits for cylinder connecting